The aRtEffECt archive

Here will contain our misc creations.. Such as stories, memories, pictures drawn by us, also known as "quality-garbage". :)
Title Creator
aRtEffECt Gecesi Raporu -online- SSG + Cori + Heretic
aRtEffECt Antolojisi SSG + Heretic
Uc Boyut SSG
aRtEffECt Deathmatch $enlikleri Report SSG
Heretic'ten Musiki Tavsiyeleri Heretic
"I$ goru$mesi" Part I SSG
"I$ goru$mesi" Part II SSG
"I$ goru$mesi" Part III (The Final) SSG
Cori's Art Gallery Cori
"Saliha'nin Ku$lari" Heretic
Mektuplar Heretic
Past news n/a
Heretic's Art Gallery Heretic
SSG's Art Gallery SSG
Best of #coders SSG
Heretic'ten Hikayeler Heretic
Heretic'in $airler Antolojisi Heretic
VAPI specifications SSG